No hoops or swords please!

German born but naturalised English composer, George Fredrich Handel, was said to have composed his immortal oratorio "Messiah" in about three weeks, and today it is still one of the best known and frequently performed choral works in Western music.

Much to the dismay of the librettist, Charles Jennens, the first performance was not in London but at a charity concert in Dublin, when 16 men and 16 boys from the combined choirs of St Patricks and Christ Church cathedrals sang "Messiah" accompanied by a small orchestra that included Handel's own organ. Expecting a larger than usual audience (700 people attended the premiere), gentlemen were asked not to carry swords and women were asked not to wear hoops.

The men soloists were selected from the choir, and the
women soloists chosen for their previous performances in Handel's subscription series in Dublin.

The score from which the musicians worked was marked "SOG" ("To God alone the glory") leading to the belief that Handel wrote "Messiah", including the famous "Hallelujah" chorus, in a fervour of divine inspiration.

Performance in the Town Hall

Each year for the past 76 years Handel's "Messiah" has been performed in Sydney by the Radio Community Chest's Combined Church Choirs and will be sung again this year by a choir open to all from the city and beyond who would like to sing.

The choir will be accompanied by a professional orchestra, the Sydney Town Hall Grand Organ and soloists. Like the first performance in Dublin funds are used for charity and benefit cultural activities and needy causes in the Sydney region.

For the PERFORMANCES of Handel's "Messiah" at the Sydney Town Hall at 3:00pm on both Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December 2017. Information for purchasing of TICKETS will be available in due course.
Information will also be available
Choristers will be able to
purchase tickets at a discount.

CDs of the 75th Anniversary Performance in the Sydney Town Hall in December 2015 are now available for purchase online
to get the 2-CD Form to fill in.
Cost of the 2-CD set is $25

Photos: Courtesy Bruce Crowe



The Radio Community Chest Inc.
gratefully acknowledges the support provided by the
Council of the City of Sydney.


Handel's Messiah

Saturday 16 December
3.00 pm
Sunday 17 December
3.00 pm


TICKETS will be available to purchase

online at

Choristers will be able to
purchase tickets at a discount.

Sydney Town Hall

Body of Hall: Full Price Concession
North and South Galleries:
Full Price
Eastern Gallery: Full Price Concession

1. Concessions - Pension Card Holders (not Seniors) Children, and Full-Time Students
2. Choir members are entitled to a discount










Enjoy one of the choruses sang by the Radio Community Chest CHOIR at the 2015 Performances


Title - Hallelujah